Caution notices

Here you will find the most up to date caution notices from JFD and our suppliers.

If you have any queries regarding any of the information below, please contact

Date Company Notice Document number
25/02/2019 JFD Ltd Gas Recovery Disposable Cartridges N/A
06/06/2013 Kirby Morgan Sealed pull pins (Part no: 505-110) N/A
30/05/2013  Divex Ltd WHE-3 DO06864 Contactor, 15KW, 3 Pole, 5 off DVX002-2013-CAU
14/05/2013 Divex Ltd Mushroom flap valve (Part no: DE109-850) DVX003-CAU-2013
12/04/2013 Divex Ltd WHE-3 electric control panels (Part no: DO08684) DVX001-CAU-2013
05/02/2013 Divex Ltd Oral nasal mask (Part no: SE455) DVX001-CAU1-2013
27/07/2012 Divex Ltd WHE3 diver hotwater heater DVX001-CAU-2012
01/09/2011 Divex Ltd Hy-Fex fire extinguisher inspection and testing HSE001-2011
08/06/2011 Kirby Morgan Diaphragm (Part no: 510-553) N/A
18/02/2011 Divex Ltd Hy-Fex fire extinguisher faulty burst disc DVX01-2001-CAU
09/07/2010 Divex Ltd Hale Hamilton regulator panel (Part no: C1506B) HSE001-2010
03/06/2010 Divex Ltd SLS cylinder sealing surfaces DVX001/2010
15/12/2009 Divex Ltd Stealth closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus calibration HSE001-2009
14/08/2009 Divex Ltd SLS diving sets unauthorised assembly DVX001/2009
07/12/2007 Divex Ltd “Helinaut” sacrificial hose whips (Part no: C1506B) HSE003-2007
27/08/2007 Divex Ltd SLS inhale / exhale hoses (Part no: C28700) DVX001/2007
12/04/2007 Divex Ltd Incorrect fitting of valve in gas lines HSE002-2007
21/02/2007 Divex Ltd Valve seat retainer (Part no: D1998) HSE001-2007
05/05/2006 Divex Ltd Hy-Fex fire extinguisher refill kits HSE001-2006
2005 Divex Ltd Electric Gasmizer gas booster (Part no: B10510) DVX003-2005