Ultralite 2 BIBS mask

Designed in house, our Ultralite 2 BIBS masks are designed to perform to HSE and NPD requirements providing outstanding performance, simplicity of design and robustness.

BIBS Masks (Built-In Breathing Systems) are used in dry hyperbaric environments to breath oxygen during decompression of divers and are used to administer oxygen to patients in hyperbaric medical chambers.

If a chamber atmosphere becomes contaminated the Ultralite 2 BIBS Mask can be donned in such an emergency and supply non-contaminated breathing gas from an independent source.

The Ultralite 2 BIBS Mask is dual marked for CE and UKCA. 


In 1993, using knowledge gained from the previous manufacturer of a shallow BIBS Mask, and enhancing the performance of other BIBS Masks, Divex designed a totally new, high performing quality product.


Breathing Trials 

Using the in-house Life Support Laboratory, which houses a computer- controlled breathing test simulator, an extensive programme of trial and development was undertaken. The result was a BIBS Mask of outstanding performance, simplicity of design and robustness to suit the environments in which it would be used.



Breathing Standards 

The Ultralite 2 BIBS Mask is designed to perform to the high standards set by the HSE/NPD (Health & Safety Executive/Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) in their 1991 requirements - "Evaluation of Breathing Apparatus for use in Manned Underwater Operations in the North Sea". These guidelines have become the standard worldwide when considering performance requirements for diving and diving related breathing apparatus. 


Overboard Dump

The exhaled gas is 'dumped' or discharged outside of the chamber. This helps prevent unacceptable build up of oxygen within the hyperbaric environment. Pressure/depth increase of the chamber, which would otherwise occur using single hose BIBS is also reduced.



The breathing loop below shows the ideal low work of breathing and benign smoothness of inhalation and exhalation of the Ultralite 2 at 40 ltr RMV at a depth of 20 msw (66 feet). The total area of such a loop is computer calculated to give the work of breathing and the result, along with other rates of RMV (Respiratory Minute Volume), plotted on the graph.


Work of breathing loop Work of breathing (joules/litre)
  Performance at 20 msw / 66 fsw at various ventilation rates
DE-MDS-540 R1.jpg  DE-MDS-540 R12.jpg


Heliox Breathing 

The outstanding performance of the Ultralite 2 continues when breathing helium-oxygen mixtures. At 62.5 RMV at a depth of 300 msw (940 feet seawater) the mask has a work of breathing of 1.653 joules/litre. The WOB 'loop' below illustrates performance even at 450 msw.


DE-MDS-540 R13.jpg

Performance at 20 msw / 66 fsw at various ventilation rates.


Advantages of Low WOB 

'Work of Breathing' is the effort required to overcome the mechanical, frictional and drag within a piece of breathing apparatus and/or breathing system. The less effort required by the user the less fatigued they become and more comfortable and 'natural' they feel. The Ultralite 2 mask reduces significantly the WOB. The ergonomically designed soft silicone oral nasal offers an exceptional fit without the need for over tightening of the headstraps. contaminated breathing gas from an independent source.


Decompression and Safety Warning


Trials conducted at the National Hyperbaric Centre have indicated decompression and related problems may arise if leakage of chamber gas occurs into the oral nasal mask upon inhalation. This leakage occurs if the oral nasal is a poor fit when using a BIBS Mask with a high WOB and/ or the related pipework, valving and regulator system is inadequately designed.

Similarly, if exhaled gas leaks out of the oral nasal into the chamber due to high exhalation resistance potentially high levels of oxygen can accumulate within the chamber leading to safety concerns such as fire hazard etc.





Ultralite 2 has a balanced regulator on both the inlet and outlet. Careful design enables gas pressures to be supplied and exhausted over a wide range without compromising performance.



A push-to-talk microphone system is available as an additional feature.

The ancillary equipment such as manifold block, microphone boxes etc. are all available as easy to install products.


Anti-suction Valves 

To protect the user from excessive suction in the event of the malfunction of the exhaust valve or system, two inward relieving mushroom valves are located in the base of the body.


Standard hose length 2m or 4m (other lengths available on request)
Inlet pressure 6-10bar
Outlet pressure Self-protecting 3m - 20msw
Recommended to be vacuum assisted from 0 - 3m to comply fully with guidelines. For safety, protect with JFD BPR beyond 20msw
Weight (excl. hoses) 361g
Weight (incl. hoses) 884g



Type Document Download
Datasheet Ultralite 2 BIBS mask DE-MDS-540 R1
Certificate EU Declaration of Conformity P2117-DC-335 R06.pdf
Instructions Ultralite 2 BIBS User Guide P1972-UG-0445R5.pdf