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The DSAR class submarine rescue vehicle is the latest rescue submersible designed by JFD, utilising over 25 years of submarine rescue experience.

The design of JFD's deep search and rescue (DSAR) submarine rescue vehicle is built upon more than 25 years of submarine rescue operational experience.

In just 22 months JFD designed, manufactured and delivered two DSAR class submarine rescue vehicles to the navies of the Republic of Korea and Singapore. Today, JFD's rescue vehicles are in services with four major navies.


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Optimised for fly-away

DSAR class rescue vehicles are optimised for ease of transport. Design considerations such as the integrated skirt, afford DSAR vehicles a typical in-air weight of just 22.5 tonnes; the lightest in their class.


Rescue capability 


Operational endurance

 > 12 hours

Emergency life support

 > 96 hours

Maximum mating angle

 60 degrees
Rescue payload  1,200 kg

Air transportability

C17 or similar



DSAR class submarine rescue vehicles have a typical maximum dive depth of 500m. If required this can be increased to 700m.


Principle particulars 






In air weight 22,5 tonnes, in 500m configuration

Main propulsion

2 x 10kW electric

Auxiliary propulsion

4 x 3kW hydraulic


Electrical System 


Battery system

Fully-redundant lithium polymer

System voltage

120V / 24V with 24V emergency supply


 Integrated navigation suite

Autopilot, auto depth, altitude and heading hold


Through-water audio and data


Video, communications and data logging for review and training


Design standards 



Classed to Lloyd's register rules and regulations for classification of submersibles

Pressure vessel code

PD5500:2009 specification for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels

Mating skirt

NATO ANEP/MNEP 85 compliant


In 2009 JFD delivered into service ROKS-DSRV-II (formerly "DSAR-5") to the Republic of Korea Navy. ROKS-DSRV-II was formally accepted into service on time and to budget on December 22nd in a service onboard the dedicated mothership, Cheong Hae Jin.


In 2010 JFD delivered DSAR-6 to the Republic of Singapore. DSAR-6 is operated from a dedicated rescue mothership, "Swift Rescue". Under a twenty-year contract to the Republic of Singapore Navy, JFD and partner ST Marine are responsible for the provision of a complete submarine rescue service.

DSAR is designed, built and maintained in accordance with exacting international standards.

All systems are assembled, commissioned and tested under the watchful eye of Lloyd's Register.

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