DSAR rescue vehicles

Reliable, flexible and proven free-swimming DSAR Class SRV.

The design of JFD's deep search and rescue (DSAR) submarine rescue vehicle is built upon more than 25 years of submarine rescue operational experience.

Operating up to 500msw the submarine rescue vehicle has capacity for a crew of 3 plus up to 16 rescuees. With an integrated dry mating skirt, Lithium Polymer battery system and 108 hours of life support the DSAR-500L is capable of mating at angles of up to 60 degrees and operating in currents of up to 3 knots.and
operating in currents of up to 3 knots.

The system is adaptable and reliant on ‘simple’ technology which can be repaired and maintained offshore with a manageable spares and tools package.

The weight of the SRV has been minimised, a reduction in its standalone weight allows benefits across the whole of the submarine rescue system; a lighter total system weight maximises the range of VOOs (vessel of opportunities) to which the system can be mobilised.


The below specification is based on our DSAR-500L Class vehicle. Other depths are available on request. JFD have delivered vehicles certified for depths up to 650msw.  

Rescue capability 


Operating depth


Maximum speed

> 3 knots

Operational endurance

Up to 12 hours

Emergency life support

 > 108 hours

Maximum mating angle

 60 degrees
Rescue payload  1,200 kg

Air transportability

AN124, C17 or similar


*other depths available on request. JFD have delivered vehicles certified for depths up to 650msw.  

Principle particulars 






In air weight < 28 tonnes

Main propulsion

2 x 15kW electric

Auxiliary propulsion

4 x electric


Electrical System 


Battery system

Lithium polymer

System voltage

120V / 24V with 24V emergency supply


Integrated navigation suite

Autopilot, auto depth, altitude and heading hold


Through-water audio and data


Video, communications and data logging for review and training


Design standards 



Classed to Lloyd's Register Rules and regulations for classification of submersibles

Pressure vessel code

PD5500:2018 specification for Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels

Mating skirt

STANAG 1475 and ANEP/MNEP 85


In 2009 JFD delivered into service ROKS-DSRV-II (formerly "DSAR-5") to the Republic of Korea Navy. ROKS-DSRV-II was formally accepted into service on time and to budget on December 22nd in a service onboard the dedicated mothership, Cheong Hae Jin.


In 2010 JFD delivered DSAR-6 to the Republic of Singapore. DSAR-6 is operated from a dedicated rescue mothership, "Swift Rescue". Under a twenty-year contract to the Republic of Singapore Navy, JFD and partner ST Marine are responsible for the provision of a complete submarine rescue service.


DSAR-500L / DSAR-650L 

JFD currently have 2 DSAR-500 Class DRSVs and 2 DSAR-650L (rated to 650m) in full operational service. By the end of 2021 a number of additional DSAR-500L vehicles fully classed by Lloyds’ Register will be delivered to new and existing customers.


Fabrication & Machining

JFD have worked with cutting edge materials in order to offer extreme operational endurance and improved crew and rescue ergonomics volumes whilst remaining within the weight limits of previous generation vehicles.

Working in partnership with proven suppliers worldwide, our research & development team has ensured that the materials and approaches used within the DSAR-500L are of optimum quality and performance.

Precision manufacturing underpins our commitment to excellence.


Build Strategy

An innovative modular strategy shortens the build timescale and reduces risk. Continuous unrestricted access is achieved, allowing early testing and build completion in under 24 months.


DSAR is designed, built and maintained in accordance with exacting international standards.

All systems are assembled, commissioned and tested under the watchful eye of Lloyd's Register.