Diver's suits and harnesses

JFD supply a range of diver suits and harnesses for use in both saturation and air diving operations.

JFD's Divex branded diver suits and undersuits are proven to be hard wearing and tailored for diver comfort and freedom of movement.

Specially manufactured in our facility in Stirling, Scotland, our range of harnesses includes simple webbing harnesses for tool attachment and diver recovery, as well as the extremely popular range of Arvest and Dive Dynamics harnesses which include integral weight pockets and bailout cylinder interface.

NOTE: Due to new IMCA guidelines, diver harnesses have been assigned a shelf life of 10 years regardless of use and for in service harnesses a validity period of 5 years. As a result all Divex Arvest MK4 and MK5 harnesses, post 2010, have been labelled to show date of manufacture, in service date, out of service date, and serial number.

Please follow the links below for further information on the full range of diver harnesses: