Diver Recovery Harnesses

The JFD range of Diver Recovery Harnesses is intended to protect against difficulty recovering a distressed or unconscious diver back to a safe haven.

The JFD range of Diver Recovery Harnesses provides a device that is securely attached to the diver with load rated recovery attachment points easily accessible to a rescuer with the wearer in any orientation. This allows a rescuer to assist the distressed diver by connecting a lifeline to any of the recovery points.

The following features are common to all five variants of harness in the range.

The Diver Recovery Harnesses are constructed from two shoulder / crotch straps and a waist strap. Adjustment is available via slidebar buckles at the crotch straps and waist.

Each Diver Recovery Harness provides lifeline connection options accessible front and back:

  1. A single line attachment point at the top of the diver’s back.
  2. Two attachment points at the front upper left and right of the diver’s torso.


The Diver Recovery Harnesses are worn over the diver’s drysuit / wetsuit. They are secured by:

  1. A webbing strap over each of the diver’s shoulders.
  2. A webbing strap with buckle at the diver’s waist.
  3. Two webbing straps with buckles at the diver’s crotch.

Ancillary equipment D ­rings are sewn to the harness straps for attaching of ancillary equipment.

DD2 bell recovery jacket DD15 recovery tool harness MK2 recovery harness MK4 Arvest harness MK5 Arvest harness

DD061022-CE front PROD IMAGE.jpg

DD061035-CE front PROD IMAGE.jpg

DE392K-CE front PROD IMAGE.jpg DE394K-CE front PROD IMAGE.jpg DE395K-CE front PROD IMAGE.jpg




Item Order code
DD2 bell recovery jacket, non ditch pocket, CE & UKCA marked DD061022-CE
DD15 recovery tool harness, CE & UKCA marked DD061035-CE
MK2 recovery harness with campack, CE & UKCA marked DE392K-CE
MK4 Arvest harness with campack and fixed pockets, CE & UKCA marked DE394K-CE
MK5 Arvest harness with campack and ditchable pockets, CE & UKCA marked DE395K-CE



Type Document Download
Certificate EU Declaration of Conformity Divers Recovery Harness P2117-DC-1439-R01