Optronics systems

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JFD designs, delivers and integrates sophisticated imaging and data sensors into opto-electrical masts for submarines, special operations craft and other submersibles.

Used independently of other onboard systems our optronics masts provide crucial situational awareness functions as well as a comprehensive covert reconnaissance capability. When integrated with a wider weapons or electronic warfare suite, they provide range-finding capabilities, object tracking, targeting functions, and early warning data.

Optronics systems

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Explore some of the technologies typically found inside one of JFD’s optronics systems:

Item Description
High definition colour camera The HD camera in the upper viewport provides real-time, full colour, and highly detailed imagery in daylight and low-light situations
Laser range finder The laser range finder provides reliable, precise distant ranging. Data from the range-finder can be integrated with other weapons and reconnaissance systems
Infra-red camera Short-wave and medium-wave infra-red cameras provide detailed imagery at night and other low-light or reduced visibility situations
Target tracking A sophisticated target tracking algorithm provides accurate tracking of objects within complex scenes. It offers predictable performance and copes successfully with ‘coast’ events caused by target obstruction
Fusion view A powerful signal processing chip is used to overlay high-definition colour images with data from the IR cameras into a single image, aiding target identification and object tracking
Global positioning system Built-in GPS provides rapid vessel positioning when deployed. L1/L2 real-time kinematic calculations ensure accuracy to within a few centimetres.
Multi-axis stabilisation Observation and range-finding sensors are both electronically and mechanically stabilised allowing their use in the most challenging conditions