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InVicto Logo  DG - 200325 website2.jpgThe InVicto™ ventilator is more advanced than CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) systems; it has been developed, including full in-house testing, and is currently going through formal approval channels, ready for launch into full scale production and global distribution.  

The InVicto™ system can support global healthcare services by reducing pressure on intensive care unit facilities, helping to save lives as the virus approaches its peak in many countries.

JFD’s solution is a pressure cycled automatic ventilator system. This is based on a modification of a mechanical ventilator previously used in clinical hyperbaric oxygen treatment of critically ill patients. InVictoTM is a small mechanical device with no moving parts that attaches to a oral-nasal breathing mask, worn by the patient.

The ventilation system can operate in both automatically cycled inspiration / exhalation cycles for sedated patients, or as a patient triggered breathing cycle.


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  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) design based on previously qualified hyperbaric oxygen therapy ventilation aid.
  • Gas powered, with no electrical or moving parts; no external power supply required.
  • Portable and multi-location usage.
  • Suitable for delivering FiO2 treatment gas from 21% to 100% oxygen.
  • Can be used via oral-nasal mask
  • Can be automatic or patient triggered.
  • Mechanical device with no moving parts means reliable operation 24/7 over long periods of continuous operation with intubated patients in critical care.

JFD’s InvictoTM is designed for maximised flexibility of use and many devices can be interfaced with one regulated air/oxygen supply source to enable surge capacity. This will enable use in established hospitals, or field hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

InVictoTM ventilator system kit: H520AA

Item Qty Order code
Small ventilator block (black) 1 H74280
Medium ventilator block (blue) 1 H74289
Large ventilator block (white) 1 H74291
Intubation connector 1 H74302
Gas panel 1 H74303


InVictoTM ventilator block

Size Colour Order code
Small Black H74280
Medium Blue H74289
Large White H74291


Minimum order quantities are set at 250 InVictoTM systems.

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