Portable hyperbaric rescue facility

Our IMCA compliant 18-man Portable Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) can support diving operations across the whole of the North Sea.

Suitable for accommodating divers evacuated from a diving system by means of a Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) or Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC), this Portable HRF provides a practical hyperbaric rescue solution for operators working in remote locations.

The HRF was designed and manufactured by JFD. DDC1 (12.17m (L)) is a twin lock skid mounted and enclosed saturation living chamber consisting of the main lock (ML) and entry lock (EL). DDC1 has a depth capacity of 300m and allows habitation for up to 18 rescued divers during decompression and a medical attendant if required.







The HRF system is designed to be mated to a bottom or side-mated SPHL, or a side-mated HRC.  

JFD  hold Lloyds approved forgings and plate in stock to allow suitable spool pieces and clamps to be rapidly fabricated to suit clients particular hyperbaric evacuation chambers.


  • Chamber designed under PD5500 pressure vessel design code, and manufactured under full Lloyds survey

  • Viewports designed and certified toASME PVHO-1-2007

  • Full Lloyds design review and manufacture certification to Lloyds Rules for Submersibles and Diving Systems July 2016

  • Compliant to IMCA D024 Design for Saturation Diving Systems (Bell) July 2014 (where appropriate)

  • Compliant to IMCA D053 Design for the hyperbaric reception facility (HRF) forming part of a hyperbaric evacuation system (HES) April 2014

  • Full system certification and manual package

  • All electrical wiring to Australian Standards



  • 40ft flat rack with DDC: 32te
  • Control Cab Container: 12te





The control container is a DNV 2.7-1 offshore rated container. The chamber is mounted in a 40ft modified ISO flatrack for ease of transportation.


The scope of supply includes:

  • HRF Chamber and flatrack skid fully outfitted
  • HRF Control van complete
  • Interconnecting hoses and cables
  • Certification and manual package


The scope of supply excludes:

  • Manufacture of spoolpieces and clamps to suit client
  • Hyperbaric Evacuation Chamber / SPHL
  • Manufacture of reception skid if required to suit client  
  • Hyperbaric Evacuation Chamber / SPHL



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