Maximising convenience and reducing costs, JFD's mobile submarine escape training tower (MSETT) is a self contained unit which brings training directly to submariners.

MSETT removes the hassle associated with shore-based escape training by bringing the escape tower to the crew, rather than the other way around.

Built inside a single, easy to move, 40-foot ISO container, MSETT makes transport and delivery to any location straightforward. Compared to a fixed system, MSETT is inherently safer as it is operated with lower pressures and can be drained within a matter of seconds.

The MSETT combines a 5m tank, changing rooms, gas supplies and all ancillary machinery. We also bring full insurance, fully-qualified and experienced SETT personnel, all training materials, power if necessary and a separate classroom if required.

MSETT does not replace the valuable escape training offered by a traditional SETT. MSETT is designed to augment this training by offering a cost effective solution for continuation training.

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Flyer Mobile submarine escape training tower (MSETT)