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Case Study: Roger Chapman Pisces III

Roger Chapman alongside his fellow submariner, Roger Mallinson, were the two survivors of the deepest sub rescue in history in 1973, when their submersible, Pisces III, was lifted to the surface from a depth of 1,575 ft (480 m)

Case Study: HMS Edinburgh

The salvage of the secret cargo of World War II British Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Edinburgh, was pivotal in the introduction of gas reclaim, without which today’s commercial saturation diving would not be commercially practical.


The client required an onsite regulator test facility for a new diving shop and workshop. The ANSTI CSTF provided a cost-effective solution for the testing of any EN250 regulator.

Akademik Tofiq Ismayilov (ATI)

JFD supported Subsea 7 with reactivating the Dive System on the Akademik Tofiq Ismayilov (ATI) to enable the vessel to be utilised by a major client in the Caspian Sea region. Significant upgrades were required as the vessel had not performed as a Saturation Diving Vessel for an extended period, so JFD were enlisted to support several aspects of the project due to our extensive knowledge of the system and experience in Dive System upgrades.

LumiraDx Altitude Testing

The customer required a facility that could simulate altitude conditions for the development of their prototype medical diagnostic equipment. JFD's Dive Decompression Chamber (DDC) Main Lock Hyperbaric Chamber at its National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) in Aberdeen was converted into a Hypobaric Chamber for altitude trials.

James Fisher Decommissioning Cutting Tool Test

JFD hosted a test for James Fisher Decommissioning (JF Decom) at the National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen. JFD Decom required a safe and controlled environment to test and demonstrate their internal abrasive water jet cutting tool.

Strainstall cable test

To be able to conduct the hydrostatic pressure test and have it witnessed remotely by client independent accreditation body within the confines of COVID-19 protocols.

James Fisher Offshore ICLT test

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) needed to be able to test and demonstrate their innovative cutting tool, Internal Cut and Lift Technology (ICLT), in a controlled and safe water environment.

2020 Heerema remote audit

Heerema Marine required 2 x ROV audits to be conducted onboard their vessel by a third party provider, as part of the assurance process from their client.