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James Fisher Decommissioning Cutting Tool Test

JFD hosted a test for James Fisher Decommissioning (JF Decom) at the National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen. JFD Decom required a safe and controlled environment to test and demonstrate their internal abrasive water jet cutting tool.

Strainstall cable test

To be able to conduct the hydrostatic pressure test and have it witnessed remotely by client independent accreditation body within the confines of COVID-19 protocols.

James Fisher Offshore ICLT test

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) needed to be able to test and demonstrate their innovative cutting tool, Internal Cut and Lift Technology (ICLT), in a controlled and safe water environment.

2020 Heerema remote audit

Heerema Marine required 2 x ROV audits to be conducted onboard their vessel by a third party provider, as part of the assurance process from their client.

Submarine hull testing

JFD was commissioned to test a submarine hull at their National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, UK. Due to the length of the submarine hull, the work chamber door had to be removed by our gantry crane then refitted once the submarine was inside the work chamber.

Leading the way in driving the highest standards in safe diving operations

Last year, Rever Offshore successfully completed the first dives within the North Sea using JFD’s COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreather Apparatus) set, marking a significant leap forward in diver safety.

Indian Navy Submarine Rescue System

Black Carillon

JFD successfully completes two weeks of rigorous but extremely successful submarine rescue exercises off the coast of Western Australia. JFD partnered with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to conduct the annual “Black Carillon” exercise which tests Australia’s submarine rescue system in a series of scenarios designed to replicate a real-life submarine rescue emergency.

JFD successfully undertakes simultaneous operation [SIMOPS]

JFD successfully managed an on-call emergency which occurred at the same time as an on going hyperbaric welding trial, necessitating the deployment of all aspects of its saturation system.