Breathing Laboratory

JFD has recently installed the latest generation ANSTI Life Support System Test Facility (LSTF) to enhance its Breathing Laboratory located at National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen.



The system offers customers advanced performance assurance testing of defence, commercial and recreational life support equipment, to the limits of their design requirements, under diverse and extreme operating conditions.

The ANSTI Life Support System Test Facility (LSTF) is a fully integrated laboratory system operated by highly experienced technicians and life support equipment design engineers here at The National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen.

The system can conduct tests to verify whether equipment meets or exceeds dynamic breathing performance requirements, at depth, immersed in temperature controlled water or at the surface.

The large, vertical, 1000mm internal diameter, wet or dry test vessel enables testing on both the vertical and horizontal axis with minimal setup and transition time.

Rapid, repeat in-water test cycles can be performed with no need to drain between steps.Twin-cylinder, diving masks, helmets, bandmasks or other SCUBA equipment can readily be accommodated as well as CO2 scrubbers and rebreathers.

Customers and certification bodies can view tests as they happen using the live video feed and microphones located within the test vessel and around the laboratory


  • Breathing lab depth capability down to 500msw
  • Variable breathing rates and tidal volumes
  • Breathing air heated & humidified
  • Cold water chiller and heater
  • Work of breathing
  • Valve cracking effort
  • Exhaust resistance
  • Hydrostatic imbalance
  • Simulated respiration with O2 uptake and CO2 injection
  • Breath-by-breath real time gas analysis
  • EN250:2014 demand regulators
  • EN14143:2013 rebreathers
  • EN15333-1:2008 helmets
  • Tests He reclaim helmets
  • Apply US Navy unmanned testing procedures
  • Acoustic measurement
  • Buoyancy control device tests

LSTF Overview:

Ansti Life Support System Test Facility (LSTF)

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