Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher

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JFD's Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher is simple to use, can be easily handled and has been designed to be installed within diving and medical therapy chambers.

Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher's are available in two volumes to facilitate easy mounting as appropriate in the different compartment sizes found in hyperbaric systems.

These are:

  • 3 litre ideal for mounting within air dive chambers, entry and transfer compartments
  • 6.7 litre for large treatment chambers and main living chambers on-board saturation diving systems

 Note: Hy-Fex fire extinguisher is supplied uncharged for safety reasons. The foam refill is supplied.

Hy-Fex fire extinguisher Hy-Fex fire extinguisher Hy-Fex fire extinguisher

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Hy-Fex extinguisher volume

3.0 litre

6.7 litre

Part number



Extinguisher height

540 mm

675 mm

Cylinder diameter

117 mm

152 mm

Cylinder centre to handle extremity

115 mm

115 mm

Cylinder centre to hose extremity

130 mm

130 mm

Weight charged

7 kg

14 kg

Cylinder volume

3.0 litres

6.7 litres

Foam discharge

22 litres

45 litres

Discharge time

22 seconds

45 seconds

Discharge distance

6 m

6 m

Effective discharge



Cylinder test pressure

310 bar

310 bar

Extinguisher working pressure

133 bar

133 bar


-15 to +55oC -15 to +55oC

Tested depth

450 msw

450 msw

Chamber volume rating

6 m3

14 m3

Item Order code

Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher 3.0 litre


Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher 6.7 litre


Foam refill 3 litre


Foam refill 6.7 litre


Mounting bracket 3 litre

Mounting bracket 6.7 litre SE488210
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Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher Datasheet


Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher (Part numbers: SE480BA, SE481BA) Operation and maintenance

P2141-OM-334 R7

Hy-Fex, 3.0L x 117mm, OD cylinder, including refill, CE marked Drawing

P214122510S1 R1

Hy-Fex, 6.7L x 152mm, OD cylinder, including refill, CE marked Drawing

P214128010S1 R1

The Hy-Fex fire extinguisher maintenance course is designed to ensure competence in operating and carrying out maintenance schedules on the Hy-Fex hyperbaric fire extinguisher.

Course duration: 1/2 day

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