Defence & PILS Manager


Andy Brunton IMG_1503_circle.pngAndy Brunton joined the Royal Navy in 1976 and began his career as Junior Seaman Diver eventually rising to the highest non-commissioned rank (Warrant Officer Diver) by the age of 36 and senior Warrant Officer Diver in the Royal Navy by the age of 45. During this time Andy qualified in many types of equipment including MCM rebreathers. Achieving early promotion provided Andy considerable opportunity to gain experience in many sections within the Navy.

In the mid 1990’s Andy was the trials officer for the royal navy’s transition from semi closed mechanical diving equipment to closed circuit electronic computerised equipment used in the MCM environment.

Upon leaving the Royal Navy in 2007 Andy worked as a Maritime Security Consultant providing NATO and Federal / Commercial agencies with intelligence reports, analysis and briefing. In 2010 he joined Divex (which became JFD) as Defence Business Development Manager before moving to his current role of Defence & PILS Manager; managing global Integrated Logistics Support for all JFD in-service defence equipment. Andy’s primary role is managing JFD’s UK defence contracts for rebreathers and general diving equipment.