Case study: ANSTI CSTF

Release date: 07/07/2022

ANSTI CSTF Diving Regulator Testing

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Client Completed Service

Katy Forestier, owner of Tiki Plongée scuba diving shop

2022 Testing



Regulators should be tested at planned intervals to ensure optimum performance. Degeneration can happen due to wear, varied use conditions or even prolonged storage. The client required a regulator test facility for onsite testing at her new diving shop and workshop in Aix-en-Provence, France.



Having previously worked as a technician for a major chain selling scuba equipment, the client was already familiar with using the ANSTI Computerised Surface Test Facility (CSTF) and knew this would be invaluable for her customers.

The ANSTI CSTF comprises of a control module and laptop and offers a rapid and effective test capability for demand regulators and breathing apparatus.

An automated 12 second test records regulator interstage and cracking pressures then charts inhale breathing resistance at the equivalent maximum flow at 50 metres per EN250.

The CSTF can detect trends in results overtime with a database of customer and regulator test records, and provides printed test results evidence to increase customer confidence and protect the client’s business reputation.



The ANSTI CSTF provided the client with a cost-effective solution for the testing of any EN250 regulator with a simple and fast process.

Katy is able to test her customers’ regulators quickly and with traceable results.



“The machine is handy and reliable. I am a big diving enthusiast and safety is very important to me – it is a security in addition to the recommendations of the brands.”




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