Advanced Diving and Life Support

JFD North America provides a range of innovative and highly capable underwater life support systems that offer the highest levels of safety and operational efficiency to meet the evolving demands of today’s defense divers.

  • Proven capability in advanced rebreathers / mixed gas applications
  • Low magnetic / no magnetic & low acoustic signature
  • Non-diving life support and gas / environmental management



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JFD NA Enforcer icons webpage 2021-03-09.jpg

The use of pre-packaged ExtendAir® cartridges ensures consistent CO2 scrubbing performance and simplifies scrubber canister filling.


JFD NA Shadow webpage image 2021-03-09.jpg

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Offering unparalleled levels of mission flexibility, Shadow has established itself as the industry leader in operational capability and performance.

Stealth SC

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JFD NA Stealth SC icons webpage 2021-03-09.jpg

Stealth SC (Semi Closed) is a product of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA).

Stealth CDLSE

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JFD NA Stealth CDLSE icons webpage 2021-03-09.jpg

Used primarily for MCM-EOD operations, Stealth CDLSE features new and improved O2 sensors along with an option of cylinders from 15 years to non-lifed.