Dive and ROV system audits


JFD has a number of competent technical personnel to carry out auditing and assurance tasks on both dive and ROV systems. 

Each audit carried out will be as per the client's specific requirements as well as in accordance with the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)'s standards and guidelines.

All our auditors are technically competent and have received formal training in diving and ROV systems, and equipment auditing. They will ensure that the audits are carried out comprehensively and to the current industry requirements.

The audit report will comment where we consider the equipment or supporting documentation unfit for purpose, or unsafe for operation as per legislation, approved codes of practice, IMCA guidelines and, if requested, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) recommended practices.

Deliverables will comprise of a report with an action tracker, highlighting non-conformances formatted in such a way that the action tracker section can be updated, together with the fully populated relevant IMCA record sheet.

Assurance audits

Provision of competent auditors to carry out assurance audits, where each audit carried out will be as per the client’s specific requirements as well as in accordance with IMCA standards and guidelines:

  • Assurance audit for surface orientated (air) diving systems
  • Assurance audit for saturation (bell) diving systems
  • Assurance audit for mobile/portable surface supplied systems
  • Assurance audit for ROV systems

Closeout audit

An optional follow-up, closeout audit in the form of a site visit can be performed to check progress of the closure of identified non-conformances. This can only be commissioned where NHC are the authors of the original audit report. 









 ROV system auditing


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  • IMCA R006



Verification audit

A verification audit is essentially a validation of a previous assurance audit, seeking to confirm that identified non-conformances have been closed out satisfactorily.  A verification audit is much less in-depth and usually only performed where NHC or other respected sources are the author of the original assurance audit.

Deliverables will comprise of an updated action tracker detailing non-conformances closed out to date and highlighting any yet to be addressed.