Test tank

JFD's outdoor water tank is suitable for the testing of a wide variety of subsea applications including the deployment of ROVs, manned air diving trials and ancillary subsea equipment.

With a depth of 8 metres and a diameter of 12 metres, the 900,000 litre steel tank is large enough to accommodate the deployment and operation of work class ROVs, air diving systems and ancillary equipment. In addition, our tank is now complete with a 3 diver capability air diving control system with full diver communications and real-time video display and recording for manned diving operations.

A variety of structural component replicas can be provided to simulate realistic working environments for testing and performance trials.

Around the top of the tank there is an open walkway which is adjoined by a working platform capable of accepting modules such as control cabins and deployment systems.

In-water activity can be monitored via viewports which are situated at ground level around the base of the facility. Alternatively, video can be displayed on monitors within the National Hyperbaric Centre complex.


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Diving bell trial

ROV trial

Diving trials Liftbag trials

Diving trial set up

Diver entering water

Habitat trial

Habitat trial with diver

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