Saturation diving systems

JFD have a long pedigree in the design and manufacture of saturation diving systems, and the company’s track record shows more than one hundred systems built spanning the last 35 years.

Recent projects have seen JFD making several key technological advances in the design and build of saturation systems, which have significantly increased system efficiency for the operators, and safety and comfort for the divers.

JFD designs are flexible and can be configured to suit a range of vessel designs and layouts, however the systems can be identified in two distinct categories - integrated and modular. 


Integrated saturation diving systems are typically built into a DSV during construction of the vessel in a shipyard. These tend to be larger 18-24 man systems and may employ two diving bells and twin SPHL’s. 


Modular saturation systems are designed to be deck-deployed on existing work vessels and can be quickly removed and re-installed on other vessels.  These are typically 9-12 man systems with a single diving bell.