Altitude testing and trials

JFD maintains altitude testing facilities for the safe and efficient testing of equipment and manned altitude trials.

We have six chambers, varying in size from a small 190mm chamber to a 3m x 8m large work chamber, all capable of simulating depths below sea level, but equally capable of creating high altitude atmospheres and environmental conditions. The large work chamber can reach up to an impressive 55,000ft.


 Trial within DDC 1 NHC Saturation System  Trial within DDC 1  Hannah Miley - Olympic Swimmer

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Electronic components, equipment housings, casings and insulation can be influenced by the effects of differential pressures at altitude resulting in compromised functionality, performance and safety. Altitude testing and trials are the main methods used to ensure products are fit for purpose, and can survive whilst remaining functional during extreme environmental changes.

Previous jobs include testing:

  • Fuel tanks for aircraft
  • Navigational equipment
  • Refuelling equipment                   
  • Aircraft lighting
  • Electronic recording equipment
  • Aircraft seating
  • Battery casings
  • Aircraft fire extinguishers
  • Cameras and housing
  • Heart monitors
  • Defibrillators


Manned altitude trials can also be run in our comfortably furnished chamber, fully fitted with communications, built in breathing systems (BIBS), toilets, showers, bunks and DVD video monitoring.

Athletes, including champion swimmer Hannah Miley, have used our chambers to explore the benefits of hypobaric exposure in relation to naturally enhancing their performance.

Previous jobs include testing:

  • Medical devices for use by people living in high altitude areas, such as:
    • Pregnancy test sticks
    • Ovulation kits
  • Medical devices for use at high altitude in planes, such as:
    • Blood glucose monitors
    • In vitro diagnostic devices  
    • Blood coagulation monitors


Chamber Dimensions (mm)
Work chamber 3000 x 8000


All pressures are digitally recorded real-time ensuring the most accurate readings and results can be obtained. In-chamber cameras permit easy monitoring and the capability for video recording is also installed. Equipment can externally activate via penetrator plates carrying video and communications signals, and power.

We also have on-site mechanical and electronic engineers to assist with the integration and set up of chambers and equipment. Our excellent reputation in this field of testing is based on recognition from the industry. Every job is different and we provide quality advice, expertise and willingness to assist clients even in extended 24/7 operations.