Ansti Computerised Surface Test Facility (CSTF)



The CSTF is a cost effective EN250:2014 regulator test facility for onsite testing where it matters; in dive centres, service centres, rescue services and commercial dive operations.

Take the guess work out of testing then produce the essential certificate proof of test.

The Computerised Surface Test Facility (CSTF) comprising a control module and ANSTI software for Windows™ offers a rapid and effective test capability for demand regulators and breathing apparatus.

Regulators should be tested at planned intervals to ensure optimum performance. Degeneration can happen due to wear, varied use conditions or even prolonged storage. A recent HSE study (RR424 - performance of diving equipment ( found reports that a quarter of diving fatalities reviewed can be attributed to equipment failure and nearly half the regulators examined failed the minimum performance requirements of EN250, or had other faults caused by lack of maintenance and incorrect set-up / mixed components.


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  • Cost effective testing of any EN250 regulator with a simple and fast process

  • Records first stage setting pressure and second stage cracking pressure, accurate to +/- 1.5 mBar

  • Test regulator performance at surface and 50msw equivalent

  • Over Pressure Protection and compliance to IEC 61010-1 Safety Requirements

  • Detect trends in results over time with a database of customer and regulator test records

  • Print test results evidence to increase customer confidence and protect your business reputation



CSTF’s intuitive software display guided set-up and fully automated 12 second test cycle guides you through the test steps:

Initial tests:

  • Interstage pressure for setting the first stage
  • Cracking pressure for setting the second stage

High flow (50m equivalent):

  • Inhale breathing resistance
  • Interstage pressure drop
  • High pressure drop


A hard copy Test Certificate can be generated and printed for the customer and as evidence of results.


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Flyer ANSTI CSTF Flyer ANSTI CSTF Flyer.pdf
Flyer ANSTI CSTF Service Flyer ANSTI CSTF Service.pdf
User Manual ANSTI CSTF Operating Manual ANSTI CSTF-OM-3_R02 Operating Manual.pdf
Certificate  EU Declaration of Conformity P2117-DC-1443 R02.pdf
Case Study Tiki Plongee CSTF  Case study ANSTI CSTF Tiki Plongee.pdf