Diving technical expertise


Our understanding and experience of extreme environments enables JFD to provide professional and specialist advice and services to its clients.

JFD has been involved in the diving industry for many years offering products, training, testing, consulting, hyperbaric facilities, as well as taking part in research and development projects.

Please see below for the range of diving technical expertise JFD can offer:

Dive system management support

We have a number of personnel who provide technical and operational support in the process of new build or re-fit DSV, saturation dive systems and air/nitrox dive systems.

Our support will enable the project to be carried out and completed to the client's specific requirements, adhering to the class society build rules, and the diving industry internationally recognised standard, of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.

We will also ensure that the client's budget is controlled and equipment selected is fit for its intended use. In addition we will ensure that the project personnel are competent, enabling them to work safely and effectively to maintain the client's reputation.

Furthermore we shall ensure that all supporting documentation is collated and filed in a controlled and recognisable manner, and it is submitted to the relevant class society for approval to facilitate the award of class certification.

Dive system mobilisation support

We have staff ready to provide technical and operational support to diving contractors, as well as project management assistance during mobilisation and de-mobilisation of DSV, saturation dive systems and air/nitrox dive systems thus enabling the project to be carried out and completed to current requirements.

On request we can develop the mobilisation plan as well as co-ordinate all personnel including those on the vessel if required, in order for the mobilisation/de-mobilisation to be carried out safely and effectively. 

On completion of the mobilisation we shall carry out the system commissioning as per the commissioning procedure, which again can be developed by ourselves. We will ensure that the system is in a good operational state and ready for an audit.

Furthermore we shall ensure that an inventory of all equipment being mobilised and de-mobilised is kept, and all equipment is returned to the clients requested location.


F.M.E.A Failure mode and effect analysis

We are able to provide an FMEA to ensure that a systematic assessment is carried out on diving systems, to identify any areas where the system may fail due to equipment operational reliability, as well as lack of redundancy and critical spares required for safe operation.

The FMEA will identify any codes of practice that should be followed during the assessment, such as international codes and legislation (HSE,  IMO, NORSOK, etc), class society rules (DNV, Lloyds, and ABS), industry standards (IMCA) and any client company management systems.

We will assist in any mitigation required which will include but not be restricted to equipment engineering changes and modifications, maintenance reviews and procedural changes.


Support for the provision of manuals and procedures

Support is offered for the provision of manuals and procedures which include but are not limited to diving operating manuals, diving procedures, and operating procedures for diving systems, as well as maintenance manuals and drawings for all diving related equipment.

A technical and operational review of a client's business management system is also offered to ensure compliance with operational assurance  processes and current industry practice.

Accident and incident investigation

We can provide operational and technical support during accident and incident investigations, to determine root cause analysis for failure of equipment or processes. We can provide a comprehensive report detailing the root cause of the incident providing suggested solutions to avoid  similar incidents in the future.

Application for IMCA membership

We offer assistance for companies wishing to navigate through the tricky maze of legislative and technical issues, whilst applying for IMCA Membership.