Hyperbaric welding

JFD operates the only land-based saturation diving complex in the UK, providing facilities for underwater welding and hyperbaric habitat trials.



Our large work chamber can be adapted for a variety of welding situations and is attached to a full saturation diving system which is comfortably furbished for up to 16 divers to live in under saturation.

The unique facilities at the NHC permit problem free testing of dry welding and wet welding procedures. An established set up combined with interface flexibility allows a variety of habitat welding techniques: manual, mechanised and remotely operated. A tried and tested internal filtration system ensures the maintenance of good visibility during dry and wet welding operations in either a fresh water or mixed gas environment. A full video and communication system means that dives can be monitored and recorded and ensures a controlled and safe environment.

Robotic and mechanised welding

The chamber at the NHC can be used to test robots and mechanical welding systems to a simulated depth of 1000msw in wet or dry hyperbaric conditions. The NHC have completed a number of development projects on subsea welding and robotics developing systems for the repair of underwater pipelines and structures.


Habitat welding

  • Full surface control/monitoring set up for welding and pre-heat

  • Modularised chamber internal welding/control stations

  • Internal regeneration and fume extraction

  • Internal pipe handling system

  • Transfer lock and trolley system to allow removal of test pieces up to 30” diameter

  • Fixed pan and tilt camera system, inspection camera

  • Fume extraction and hood with fume analysis


Wet welding

  • Complete welding equipment hook up, both inside to wet connectors and outside to welding sets, up to surface control panel

  • All diving equipment including hat mounted camera system

  • Dual weld control system with individual communications to divers

  • Pan and tilt camera and fixed cameras

  • Internal handling system to assist test piece preparation



 Underwater welding

NHC Saturation System

 Dry welding under pressure

 Weld set up within the work chamber  Wet welding within the work chamber  Dry welding under pressure

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