Submarine rescue and support

JFD is the recognised world leader in the provision of submarine rescue and support services and supports some of the most advanced navies in the world.

JFD delivers innovative and technically advanced solutions to ensure the safety of submariners worldwide, offering a portfolio of submarine rescue products and services, including design, manufacture, operations and support. The safety of submariners remains at the heart of the company which has been an integral part of submarine rescue projects around the world, with years of safe and successful operations.

The breadth and depth of expertise within JFD's global submarine escape and rescue team, and the scalability of its operations and support infrastructure further assures the ability of JFD's submarine rescue service to respond to a submarine in distress.

The experience and commitment of our team continues to set new benchmarks and standards for submarine escape and rescue. This continuous improvement is the hallmark of how we deliver long-term value to all our customers.

Black Carillon 2016

Watch our video to see JFD participating in the successful exercise Black Carillon 2016, together with the Royal Australian Navy.