Testing services

JFD offers a comprehensive range of testing services for research, development and demonstration purposes.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for research, development, testing and demonstration of high and low pressure applications.

Our operating procedures, test equipment, recording and monitoring are regularly audited and re-approved to ensure the highest standards.

Considerable investments in the variety and capacity of test vessels within NHC testing have been made over the past 5 years, making our facilities amongst the biggest in the world. All our test equipment, chambers and laboratory can be precisely controlled and monitored giving incredibly accurate test results.

The variety of chambers mean we can pressure test a wide range of equipment of all shapes and sizes such as subsea control modules, umbilicals, valves, actuators, ROV and submersible vehicles, buoyancy control devices and underwater housings. We have full instrumentation and logging facilities on site as well as craneage.


  • Altitude Testing
  • Diving Equipment Testing
  • Demand Regulator Testing
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Hyperbaric Testing
  • Nitrogen/Helium Testing
  • Submersible Testing and Trials
  • Subsea Cable Testing
  • Subsea Umbilical Testing
  • Subsea Valve Testing
  • Subsea Winch and Wire Testing

JFD's National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) - Flythrough Video

Published 16 July 2021

Flythrough of JFD's National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC) showcasing its impressive testing and trials facilities based in Aberdeen including the Large Work Chamber and Saturation Diving System.