Transfer under pressure

JFD TUP (transfer under pressure) equipment lies at the heart of the world’s leading submarine rescue systems.

The products and services we provide reflect the quality and operational pedigree for which James Fisher Defence and Divex are renowned.

Together we are able to offer full design, manufacture, integration, operation, maintenance and refurbishment services. Our expertise lies in safely interfacing multiple assets to create an integrated TUP capability.


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JFD manufactures a variety of specialist products for submarine rescue applications and offers two standard decompression system types, each with an extensive range of design, fit-out and auxiliary equipment options to allow the user to design the specification to meet their operational requirements and budget.




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NATO Submarine Rescue System 

The NSRS decompression facility is one of the highest-capacity systems in service. It has capacity for 72 personnel and is entirely modular for air-transportation.

The entire TUP and decompression system was designed and manufactured by Divex and certified to Lloyd’s register rules.


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US Submarine Rescue System

The two 36-man surface decompression chambers are interfaced with the pressurised rescue module (rescue vehicle) via the deck transfer lock.

The deck transfer lock, which includes two pressurised flexible manways, was manufactured by Divex under sub-contract from Oceaneering International, Inc.

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Singapore Submarine Rescue System

Singapore’s TUP system has been optimised for permanent deployment to MV Swift Rescue. The entire system ‘floats’ on a raft, isolating it from stresses induced by deck flexure and negating the need for flexible elbows. The system supports escape and rescue activities.

The system was built by JFD around two re-fitted and re-certified ex-Navy chambers.

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Australian Submarine Rescue System

Australia’s TUP system has been designed for air-transportation and offers a highly flexible deck layout. Simple adapters allow one man transfer chambers to operate with any decompression chambers.

The universal deck reception chamber, UDRC, was designed and manufactured by JFD, whilst the type B chambers currently used for decompression were designed and built by Divex.

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Swedish Submarine Rescue System

A TUP ‘elbow’ provides an interface between Belos’ on board vertical-TUP system with horizontal-TUP vehicles.

JFD designed and manufactured two similar systems, allowing the use of both LR5 and the NSRS rescue vehicle with the TUP system on board Belos.