JFD North America

JFD North America has been established to provide JFD’s world leading sub-surface engineering, technology, and special operations capability to the United States and to the Americas through a dedicated entity.

JFD North America brings three decades of expertise to the market in the areas of Maritime Mobility, Advanced Diving and Life Support, and Specialized Maritime Extraction. As industry leaders in the maritime domain and in the development and delivery of special operations capability, JFD’s portfolio and expertise is offered through JFD North America.

JFD North America understands the requirements of those navigating the harshest and most unforgiving of environments. Confidence Under Pressure is what we do. Our focus is to fully enable the 21st century SOF Operator and to provide the maritime comparative advantage needed to succeed – without exception. When getting to the “X” is a mission unto itself, pairing the operator with a mobility and life support system that instills confidence and decreases cognitive overload is mandatory for achieving mission success.

We live the reality of high stakes, no fail missions. JFD North America compliments its products and services with industry leading life cycle management, global logistic support, and focused training. Maintaining peak readiness in today’s uncertain, geo-political climate is a necessity. JFD North America provides its customers the peace of mind needed to perform under pressure, confidently.




JFD North America is part of JFD; the world’s leading underwater capability provider, facilitating the commercial and defense diving industries by offering innovative diving, submarine rescue and subsea technical solutions.

JFD provides rapid, safe and proven subsea rescue services, one-off prototype development, engineering services, and training to 80 countries and 33 of the world’s navies including the Royal Navy, Australia, India, Singapore, and Korean Navies, as well as providing the NATO Submarine Rescue System.

JFD has a long, and well-established, history in the development of rebreather systems across the defense and commercial markets, with over 600 MCM rebreathers in operation globally and as one of the most trusted Special Forces rebreather suppliers.



JFD North America’s Tactical Diving Vehicles (TDV) have further application in the maritime littoral space. These include specialist maritime operations, mine countermeasures, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-piracy and maritime protection operations.

Our swimmer delivery range is in operation with navies worldwide, and we are one of the only providers to offer a range of vehicles that can be applied across further disciplines and adapted to meet specific mission profiles.

Our Special Operations rebreathers provide a common life support platform that facilitates a multi-mission capability offering numerous operational and logistic benefits that include enhanced mission effectiveness and optimized logistic efficiency.



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