The JFD interlock is designed to prevent the doors of medical, equipment, or transfer locks being opened whilst under pressure.

This interlock is very simple to operate. As the chamber is pressurised, the interlock mechanically locks the bolt in the extended position. The interlock bolt cannot be retracted until the chamber pressure is less than 1psi.

When the bolt is in the retracted position the gas supply to the chamber is isolated and the chamber cannot be pressurised.

When the bolt is retracted the chamber is vented through the interlock vent ports, this ensures that the chamber cannot be pressurised from another source. This facility also allows the interlock to be used in a vent only configuration, in which case port B would be plugged.


Design and operational notes

Interlock bolt cannot be retracted with port pressure above 1psi.

Pressure ratings

Maximum working pressure

45 bar

Design pressure

49.5 bar

Hydrostatic test pressure

68 bar

Design temperature

-20oC to +50oC

Bolt and bolt stroke can be any practical length. (By changing interlock bolt only). interlock can lock in any attitude.

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Spares kit for interlock


Interlock DNV approved


Interlock Lloyds approved


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Divex interlock Datasheet


Type DC0300** interlock variants Operation and maintenance

DC-OM-428 R3

Interlock assembly, sliding bolt, general arrangement Drawing

P21131S1 R3

Interlock standard, medical / equipment / transfer lock Drawing

P211313S1 R2