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Here you can view all the training courses within the JFD portfolio.


Course title
AH5 & AH3 Divex Free Flow Air Helmet Maintenance Course
Air Driven Gasmizer Diver Gas Recovery System Servicing Course
AGA Divator MkII Full Face Mask Maintainer Course
Apeks Regulator Maintenance Course
Assistant Life Support Technician (IMCA)
Bauer HP Compressor Course
Bell Survival Packs Servicing & Packing Course
Chamber Operator
COBRA Familiarisation Course
COBRA Maintenance Course
Combined Dive / ROV system Auditing & Assurance Course
Command & Control Course
Commander Rescue Forces Course
Client Representative
Dirty Harry Contaminated Water Diving System Maintenance Course
Dirty Harry Contaminated Water Diving System Users Course
DISSUB Survival Exercise
Dive System Auditing & Assurance
Dive Technician
Diver medic technician (IMCA)
 Diver medic technician refresher (IMCA)
Electric Gasmizer Diver Gas Recovery System Servicing Course
Escape Training
First Aid at Work
FMECA - Awareness
FMECA - Practitioner
Gauge Re-certification Course
Gaspure / Helipure Servicing Course
Hy-Fex Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course
Introduction to Diving
Introduction to Subsea Isolations
Kirby Morgan EXO Full Face Mask Servicing Course
Kirby Morgan Helmet 2 Day Course
Kirby Morgan Helmet 3 Day Course
Offshore Medic Diving Awareness
Oxygen Administration
Poseidon Regulators Course
Rescue Training Course
ROV System Auditing & Assurance
ROV Operations Training
Rush Escape
Secondary Life Support (SLS MK IV) Diver Familiarisation Course
Secondary Life Support (SLS MK IV) Servicing Course
Senior Survivor Course
Submersible Operations Training
Superflow / Ultraflow Servicing Course
Surface Abandonment
Tescom Regulators Maintenance Course
Trainee Air Diving Supervisor (IMCA)
Trainee Bell Diving Supervisor (IMCA)
Ultrajewel / Ultraflow 601 Maintenance Course
Ultralite 2 & Ultrabib II Servicing Course