Dive system auditing and assurance course

The dive system auditing and assurance course (DSAA) comprises theory and practical elements enabling delegates to develop their auditing knowledge and competency as per industry recommendations and IMCA guidelines.

The course attracts a range of candidates including diving and construction managers, operation managers and dive technicians.

The course has been designed to enable delegates to become fully aware of dive system auditing procedures, utilising IMCA documentation and development of knowledge of industry recommendations and ‘best practice’.

A fundamental thread of the course is the term ‘competency’ and how to identify the competency of individuals to carry out audit procedures to comply with IMCA recommendations as per IMCA D011. 

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This course can be scheduled on demand anywhere in the world.

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 Dive system auditing course

 Practical training on NHC sat system

Practical training on NHC sat system

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Course objectives

To enable delegates to become competent and fully aware of dive system auditing procedures, developing knowledge of industry recommendations and best practice. The course follows the related global industry standards within the relevant IMCA and D.E.S.I.G.N documents.

Auditing and assurance is crucial within diving systems and diving operations to guarantee the safety and reliability of equipment and procedures. Therefore it is essential that all diving systems are audited by a competent auditor periodically or post mobilisation.

Recent changes in industry standards and attitudes have raised the requirement for system audits and the competency of dive system auditors. Guidance has been reviewed and developed and auditors are now advised to have appropriate operational knowledge and have undergone formal training in auditing techniques.

Entry requirement

No prior experience is required, however, it is preferred delegates have experience in air and saturation diving operations, ideally as a dive supervisor, life support supervisor, senior dive systems technician or similar.


The NHC's trainers are highly knowledgeable professionals who have extensive experience of auditing diving systems throughout the globe.

Course duration

3 Days.


Our course is made up of theory elements within the classroom which are complemented with practical sessions utilising the NHC's saturation dive system. Our fully functional chambers precisely simulate the processes carried out by dive systems allowing candidates to get the most accurate and detailed experience possible.

This course can be facilitated worldwide where we would locate a similar local diving system for practical elements.

Topics include:

  • Why audit dive systems?
  • The role of the auditor
  • IMCA D018, D023, D024, D037, D040
  • Development of D.E.S.I.G.N audits
  • Certification and PMS
  • Certifying authorities
  • Accidents and lessons learnt
  • Completing audit documentation
  • Planning and preparation for an audit
  • Reporting and closing meetings
  • Closing out audit findings