Submersible operations training

JFD provides hands-on and theory training for a range of underwater and ship-based operations.

JFD's training courses are run by the same teams that operate our equipment deployed worldwide.

Book course

JFD provides training for operators and maintainers of submarine rescue vehicles (SRVs), launch and recovery systems (LARS) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

JFD is uniquely able to combine comprehensive theory with practical hands-on activities, delivering realistic and enduring training. Trainees will work alongside JFD’s operations team, following their lead through time-proven practices and procedures.

Ultimately, newly-qualified personnel will understand how the application of their new skills contributes to the sustained, and safe, operation of their host-system.

JFD operators and maintainers have, for more than 25 years, been responsible for the safe operation of submarine rescue vehicles and their associated rescue systems.

Personnel from the Australian, Brazilian, British, Chinese, French, Indian, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Singaporean, Swedish, Thai and United States Navies have benefited from participating in training provided by JFD’s world-class team.



JFD offers the following submersible training courses:

  • SRV pilots
  • Rescue chamber operator
  • TUP operator
  • Launch and recovery system operator
  • System maintainer

Book course 

JFD provides training for personnel concerned with the command and control, coordination, and management aspects of offshore operations.

These courses include:

  • Offshore management
  • Submarine rescue coordination
  • Vessel selection and management
  • Rescue asset mobilisation
  • and more...

 Book course

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