ROV operations training

ROV operations training by JFD enables participants to learn the skills required for keeping remotely operated vehicles well-maintained and in service.

Our ROV operators will use a mixture of classroom and field based lessons to bring a new pilot to qualification in four months.

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 In the event of a submarine incident the ROV operations team are likely to be the first on site as part of the intervention effort, tasked with providing life support to the stricken submarine and preparing for the rescue. JFD's ROV operations training include:

  • Manipulator operations training  
  • Delivery of Emergency Life Support Stores via podposting
  • Training in debris removal
  • Training in undertaking surveys of the seabed and environment surrounding a stricken submarine



Keeping a vehicle or equipment in service and well-maintained is a critical component in any operation. The job of the maintainer is to ensure the systems are ready for operation when needed. By working alongside JFD's maintainers, the skills, foresight and best-practice operations are learnt by the trainee maintainer.

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