Dive technician course

JFD's dive technician course enables anyone with a technical background to acquire the necessary skills to safely maintain life support equipment for inshore and offshore diving environments.

Dive technicians carry out the vital and responsible job of maintaining diving equipment and diving systems. The importance of correct servicing and repair is recognised throughout the industry and proof of competency is now required.

The course syllabus offers an excellent practical background of diving equipment and system maintenance as well as comprehension of relevant legislation and industry standards.

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Course Start date End date Location Min students Cost Book
Dive Technician 24 Jun 2024 05 Jul 2024 Aberdeen - NHC 3 £3,594 +VAT BOOK NOW 
Dive Technician 02 Sep 2024 13 Sep 2024 Aberdeen - NHC 3 £3,594 +VAT BOOK NOW
Dive Technician 25 Nov 2024 06 Dec 2024 Aberdeen - NHC 3 £3,594 +VAT BOOK NOW 


This course can be scheduled on demand anywhere in the world.

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 Diver worn equipment  Umbilicals  Pipe bending

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Course objectives

Our dive technician course has been created to enable a person of technical background, the ability to safely maintain the life support equipment found on dive sites within offshore and inshore diving environments.

This training course has been designed to enable rapid progression on to the dive technician scheme. Completion of this module prepares the new entrant for practical work as a workshop trainee.

Knowledge of saturation diving systems, air chambers, high-pressure gas systems, diving helmets, compressors and oxygen cleaning procedures only touches upon this enormous subject.

Entry requirement

Candidates should have completed a recognised trade apprenticeship in a relevant technical trade, or other qualifications as per IMCA D001. CV to be submitted for verification.


On completion of the course, each student is issued with a JFD certificate of competence.

Course Duration

10 Days.


Experienced diving and life support technicians provide professional classroom and practical tuition including modules on the following:

Topics include:

  • Commercial Diving Industry Techniques and Overview
  • Diving Legislation, Regulations, ACOPS and IMCA Guidance
  • Planned Maintenance Systems, Certification, IMCA Documents and Introduction to Auditing
  • Basic Diving Physiology & Physics
  • Breathing Gas & Oxygen Systems and Cleaning Procedures
  • Diving Umbilical’s, Hoses & Cables, Repairs, Swaging, Crimping, Re-Useable, Cleaning & Testing
  • Gas Handling Safety, Pressure Testing, Hydro-Testing
  • Pipe Fittings, Tube Bending, Swaging, Flaring
  • Air Purity Testing and Gas Analysis Methods
  • Pressure Regulators, Pressure Relief Valves, First Stage Regulators, Demand Valves
  • Gas Cylinders/Tubes (Inspection Introduction) Hyperbaric Fire Suppression & Fire Extinguishers
  • Work of Breathing/Resistance, Underwater Breathing Apparatus, BIBS
  • HP & LP Air and Gas Compressors
  • Diver Thermal Control and Hot Water Systems
  • Diving Suits, Harnesses and Buoyancy Control Devices
  • Pressure Gauges, Testing and Certification
  • Life Support Systems, Diving Plant and Equipment
  • Diving Panels, Chambers, Bell, TUP, Safety Interlocks, Survival Pack Equipment
  • Diver and Chamber Gas Reclaim Systems
  • Launch and Recovery Systems
  • Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems
  • Air/Sat Dive System Mobilisation and Commissioning Procedures
  • IMCA Competency Assurance Scheme