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JFD presents at Golden Jubilee of Indian Submarine arm

JFD was delighted to be invited to present at the Submarine Seminar in India this month, to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Indian Navy’s submarine arm.

JFD providing vital submarine rescue expertise to the Indian Navy

JFD has commenced a training programme for a team of 72 Indian Navy personnel on its new 3rd Generation submarine rescue system, ahead of delivery in 2018.

Divulged Winter 2017 newsletter

JFD issues their winter 2017 edition of the Divulged newsletter.

Pelican Winter 2017 released

The James Fisher and Sons Winter 2017 newsletter the Pelican, is released!

Christmas shutdown dates 2017

JFD Christmas shutdown dates 2017

Submarine rescue skills put to the test

JFD has demonstrated why it is a global leader in submarine rescue after two weeks of intensive exercises at sea off the coast of Western Australia.

JFD completes build of first two SPHLs

The first two SPHLs built under a partnership agreement with Vanguard are being prepared for delivery to the client. The project demonstrates global strength as it draws upon expertise from both its UK and Singapore offices.

24-man HRF upgrade completed at NHC

JFD is delighted to announce the completion of an extension to its National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen which enhances the Hyperbaric Reception Facility (HRF) capacity from 18 to 24-man. Alongside JFD’s internal hyperbaric medical expertise, this ensures the National Hyperbaric Centre remains one of the most capable fixed HRFs in the world.

JFD advances state-of-the-art submarine rescue system build

JFD is significantly progressing with the build of its new advanced state-of-the-art 3rd Generation submarine rescue systems, ready for delivery to its customer in 2018. The 3rd Generation SRS has been developed by JFD to maximise the chances of successfully rescuing the crew of a distressed submarine (DISSUB) and is the culmination of over 30 years of rescue system operation and development, representing an optimum combination of capability and flexibility.