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James Fisher Engineering & Technology Open Day

James Fisher will be hosting a multi-industry open day to showcase engineering and technology solutions and to encourage cross-sector knowledge sharing, on 5 July 2017

Divulged Summer 2017 newsletter

JFD issues their summer 2017 edition of the Divulged newsletter.

JFD prepares for final testing of two safety-advanced SPHLs

JFD nears completion of two innovative and newly designed self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL), developed in partnership with Vanguard Composite Engineering Pte Ltd (Vanguard), which are leading the market in operational lifeboat safety standards.

Sculptures pressure tested at JFD's National Hyperbaric Centre

JFD subjected sculptures to maximum depth pressure testing to support an experiment by London based, highly commended artist, Steven Claydon.

Pelican Spring 2017 released

The James Fisher and Sons Spring 2017 newsletter the Pelican, is released!

JFD awarded significant contract with UK MOD Salvage and Marine Operations

JFD has been awarded a four year framework contract, worth up to £10 million, by the UK MOD Salvage & Marine Operations Team for the provision of subsea equipment and support.

COBRA passes conformity assessment for CE marking

JFD’s COBRA system passes conformity assessment for CE marking making it the only fully certified deep diving emergency breathing system in the world. An industry first in achieving CE marking compliance to NORSOK U101 ‘Diving Respiratory Equipment’ and EN14143 ‘Self-contained Rebreathing Apparatus’ for an emergency breathing system.

JFD undertakes successful NSRS exercise

JFD was recently tasked with taking part in an exercise which required them to demonstrate various elements relevant to the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) entire rescue/Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) system.

JFD and Wuhu Diving Equipment Factory joint venture secures first saturation diving system contract

JFD, the world-leading subsea operations and manufacturing company and a part of James Fisher and Sons plc, is delighted to announce that its joint venture company, Wuhu Divex Diving Systems Limited has secured its first contract for a 300m saturation diving system for Shanghai Salvage.