Online Dynamic Positioning Awareness

An understanding of Dynamic positioning, how it works and its application.  This is a useful skill set for any person working offshore on DP vessels.

Knowledge of DP is critical for diving supervisors, ROV personnel and diving client rep. The course will give you a solid introduction to operating on DP and covers the following topics:

  • All the components of a fully operational DP operating system.
  • How a DP system works and the minimum requirements.
  • Communication procedures between diving supervisor and the DP operator for subsea operations to commence.
  • Communication procedures for SIMOPS
  • DP ALERTs and actions


As this is a self study course you can purchase the course and undertake the learning at a time that suits you.

We’d be glad to hear from any of our customers who require any additional information and if there are other courses you’d like us to develop in an online format, please do not hesitate to contact our training centre.




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Course Start date End date Location No students Cost Book
ONLINE Dynamic Positioning Awareness  On request On request Online Any £300 +VAT BOOK NOW





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Our online course comprises of:

Course length 1 day
Modules 10
Delivery JFD online training platform
Course dates This course can be purchased and completed on any date
Course format

All course material is available via portal, this is a self study course