ONLINE client representative course

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JFD has taken its Client Representative Course online, giving candidates access to a high quality instructor-led course without having to come along to our training facility in Aberdeen.

This course is designed to provide offshore project supervisors and managers with the relevant skills needed to become an effective and fully competent client representative.

This new course, delivered over 5 days, consists of 14 easy to use modules delivered via our online learning platform.
The modules are supplemented by live ‘one to one’ and ‘one to small group’ discussions with our regular course tutors.

It delivers the same instructor-supported training material as our classroom-based course with additional opportunity for plenty of one to one time with your tutor. Your progress will be checked at regular intervals with quizzes and discussions and you’ll have an exam at the end of the course.

While still being delivered over 5 days, this course offers a more flexible course delivered around your day. You can learn at your own location and save considerably on travel time and costs. If you’ve been negatively impacted by the current Covid-19 situation it may help you to improve your knowledge and skills while you’re at home, helping you make a greater impact at work in future.

This is part of our response to dealing with the current Covid-19 crisis but we intend it to become a permanent part of our training offering.

We’d be glad to hear from any of our customers if there are others courses you’d like us to develop in an online format.




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All our client representatives are experienced in their field and trained to the required subsea industry standard, as well as having received further in house training by the JFD / National Hyperbaric Centre, ensuring a vast knowledge base of subsea operations as well as experience to carry out their duties both safely and diligently to ensure the client's satisfaction.


Our online course comprises of:

Course length 5 days
Course days Monday - Friday
Modules 14
Delivery JFD online training platform
Course format
  • Morning check ins with the instructor to discuss the day’s objectives
  • Afternoon sessions, to discuss the work you have completed online
  • One to one tutorial sessions
  • Quizzes to check your understanding of each module
  • Live group sessions
No students
  • 4-6
  • Limited number of students, allows more time with the trainer
Course dates Regular delivery; every 2-3 weeks depending on demand
Course Start date End date Location No students Cost Book
ONLINE Client Representatives 08/06/2020 12/06/2020 Online 4-6 £2,030 +VAT BOOK NOW
ONLINE Client Representatives 22/06/2020 26/06/2020 Online 4-6 £2,030 +VAT BOOK NOW
ONLINE Client Representatives 06/07/2020 10/07/2020 Online 4-6 £2,030 +VAT BOOK NOW
ONLINE Client Representatives 20/07/2020 24/07/2020 Online 4-6 £2,030 +VAT BOOK NOW
ONLINE Client Representatives 03/08/2020 07/08/2020 Online 4-6 £2,030 +VAT BOOK NOW