Kinergetics Habitat Conditioning Unit HCU-3

JFD's Kinergetics habitat conditioning unit HCU-3 is a cost effective method of controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 within saturation diving chambers.

Designed to operate with the heating and chilling skid (HCS-1), the HCU-3 is rated to operate at depths down to 300msw and available in two options.  

The HCU-3/4, which can accommodate up to four divers and the HCU-3/6, which accommodates up to six.


HCU-03 3/4 HCU-03 3/6

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Depth rating

300 msw

Diver rating

HCU 3/4 - 4 divers
HCU 3/6 - 6 divers

CO2 absorbent

6.3kg per canister

Power drive

24V Ac or DC, 7 amps


60 kg

Pipe connections

Dehumidification water supply 1/2" NPT female

Reheat water supply

3/4" NPT female

Electrical connection

Single pin, 2 contact


Item Order Code

Kinergetics habitat conditioning unit with electric motor HCU-3/4


Kinergetics habitat conditioning unit with electric motor HCU-3/6



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Kinergetics conditioning unit HCU-03


KI-MDS-563 R1

Kinergetics HCU 3/4 - HCU 3/6 System (Habitat Conditioning Units) KI40037 &KI40034

Operating & Maintenance Manual P2171-OM-390 R5

HCU 3/4, electric drive, 24Vdc

Drawing P21711S1 R5

HCU 3/4 without blower

Drawing P21712S1 R3

HCU 3/6, electric drive, 24Vdc

Drawing P21713S1 R5
HCU 3/6 without blower Drawing P21714S1 R3
Blower sub assy, HCU 3/* Drawing P21715S1 R9
Plenum assembly, HCU 3/4 Drawing P21716S1 R4
Plenum assembly, HCU 3/6 Drawing P21717S1 R6