Shadow buoyancy jacket


The Shadow buoyancy jacket is designed for use with front and back mounted rebreathers, enabling buoyancy adjustment both above and below the surface of the water.

The Shadow buoyancy jacket has been specifically tailored to interface with field equipment worn by a combat swimmer, providing a clear back area for the carriage of field packs.

The design incorporates a single or optional double inflation cylinder, oral inflation device, over-pressure relief valve, integrated weight pocket system with quick-release, and a small backpack for the carriage of ancillary equipment.

Diver wearing Shadow buoyancy jacket Shadow buoyancy jacket

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  • Integrated 0.4 ltr or 1.0 ltr inflation cylinder
  • Oral inflate/deflate assembly
  • Quick release buckles
  • 2 drain valves
  • Relief valve
  • AEODP-7 (formerly Nato STANAG 2897 Class A)
  • Black or DPM
  • Other jacket colours available on request
  • Low pressure and direct feed (high pressure) inflation systems available
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Datasheet Shadow buoyancy jacket

DB100-MDS-737 R0

Drawing Shadow buoyancy jacket assembly LP

DB10066S R4

Drawing Shadow buoyancy jacket assembly DB1002163S1 R1