Dirty Harry diving system

Providing a safe and efficient surface-supplied system, the Dirty Harry contaminated water diving system minimises the risk of contact between the diver and the water in which he is diving.

Dirty Harry achieves this by providing a closed circuit breathing system whereby the diver’s gas is returned to the surface and exhausted to the atmosphere rather than exhausting into the water.

As well as offering respiratory protection, a heavy duty, rubber membrane drysuit, which attaches directly to the helmet, provides the diver with full skin protection.

Dirty Harry in contaminated water Dirty Harry in the water

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Each two diver system consists of:

  • Two drysuits (one for each diver) - the suit material needs to be specified by the customer as does the sizes required.
  • Two pairs of dry gloves with lockrings (material to be specified).
  • Two Ultrajewel 17C reclaim helmets.
  • Two umbilicals (Length to be specified), but normally 75m.
  • One exhaust control panel.

Adequate breathing quality diver gas and gas to drive the exhaust panel is required.

Item Order code
Dirty Harry contaminated water diving system A999



Type Document Download
Datasheet Dirty Harry contaminated water diving system DE-MDS-599 R0
Drawing 2 Diver exhaust vacuum control panel P202722S1 R5
Drawing Ultrajewel 601 (17C) air dive helmet assembly P2027100S1 R5
Drawing Umbilical assembly BSP supply connections P2086462S1 R2
Drawing Umbilical assembly JIC supply connections P2086463S1 R2
Manual Dirty Harry 2 diver exhaust vacuum control panel operation and maintenance P2027-OM-161 R5


Dirty Harry contaminated water diving system operation and maintenance

P2027-OM-165 R4



The Dirty Harry maintenance and operating courses are designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to correctly operate, maintain and service the Dirty Harry contaminated water diving system.

Dirty Harry operating course duration: 1 day
Dirty Harry maintenance course duration: 3 days

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