Chamber bell DH21 heater

JFD's world-renowned Kinergetics chamber bell DH21 heater provides an efficient means of heating diving chambers or bells.

The Kinergetics chamber bell DH21 heater is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry. The heater coil assembly is mounted to the same blower unit as is used on the DH21 scrubber. As chamber hot water passes through the coil, the surrounding air is warmed before being blown and recirculated in to the chamber or bell’s atmosphere.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the DH21 has a robust design with an excellent resistance to corrosion.


Kinergetics chamber bell DH21 heater

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  • Manufactured from stainless steel, the DH21 has a robust design, with excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • It operates at a lower cost and uses less power than previous scrubber and heater designs. The air mover can be used for either heater or scrubber.
  • Less spares are required as compared to older style models with more parts and a more complicated assembly.
  • The unit is smaller than previous scrubber and heater designs, and there are vibration eliminators which are used in mounting for quiet operation.
  • Micro cut-out switch eliminates electrical overload in event of fan being interfered with. Can be reset by switching on/off power supply.
  • It will operate on 24 volt AC/DC 0.8 amp at surface,1.2 amp at depth.
  • Comes fitted with EO connector.
  • The mounting is the same as the DH12, directly interchangeable.
  • The Kinergetics heater or scrubber is provided with a 12 month/3,000 hours standard warranty.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Gas flow rate

1.7m3/min (actual)


11.5 kgs

Hot water flow requirement

7.5 - 22.7 litres/min at 60oC to 90oC

Power requirement

24v AC or DC
0.8 amp with heliox at surface
1.2 amp with heliox at 450 msw


Item Order Code

Kinergetics chamber / bell heater DH21


Kinergetics heater coil assembly only


Blower assembly for heater or scrubber



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Kinergetics chamber bell DH21 heater


KI-MDS-569 R0

Bell heater and CO2 scrubber models DH21H and DH21S (Part numbers: KI17016, KI17018 & KI17018 HS)

Operation and Maintenance


Heater coil and canister assembly

Drawing KI14903S1 R1

Heater DH21

Drawing KI17016S1 R1

Blower housing assembly, 4300 RPM, 1A motor, DH21, direct mounting

Drawing KI170221S1 R3