Cyalume lightsticks

Cyalume lightsticks are a lightweight, cost effective and safe source of light useful for numerous diving applications.

In diving operations lightsticks can be used to mark equipment, diver differentiation, crane hooks and much more.

A pliable tube is filled with three non-toxic chemical solutions which are held in separate ampoules. To activate the lightstick simply bend the plastic tube to break the ampoules inside, the chemicals are then mixed, releasing a cool, bright light.

Cyalume lightsticks Cyalume lightsticks

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Type Description
12 hour green/orange General purpose lightsticks recommended primarily for situations requiring long light duration. 1 stick provides 3 hours of useful, working light, and can be used as a marker light for an additional 9 hours. For maximum efficiency, do not use at temperatures of less than 7°C
12 hour red safety lightsticks Have high visibility and can be seen up to a mile away. Red has an immediate recognition value indicating a hazardous situation
12 hour yellow safety lightsticks A long lasting high visibility product, ideal for a variety of night-time emergencies where safe, dependable light is required
1/2 hour hi-intensity lightsticks Recommended primarily for a situation requiring maximum light for a short period of time. 1 stick provides 3 to 4 times brighter light than the 12 hour general purpose safety product
8 hour blue safety lightsticks For use wherever a subdued light is needed, or in series as multimarker lights. 1 lightstick provides 8 hours of diminishing marker light
Infra-red For military use. Proof of end user will be required
Item Order code
Green 6" 12 hour


Orange 6" 12 hour


Yellow 6" 12 hour


Red 6" 12 hour


Blue 6" 12 hour


White 6" 12 hour


High-intensity white 6" 1/2 hour


High-intensity yellow 6" 1/2 hour


High-intensity red 6" 1/2 hour


White 15" 8 hour


Infra-red mini 3 hour


Infra-red 6" 3 hour


Infra-red ring 3 hour


Infra-red 15" 3 hour


Personal marker light (PML) 8 hour




Type Document Download
Datasheet Cyalume lightsticks

LG-MDS-665 R0