Ultrathermics circuit breaker

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Highly acclaimed, the robust Ultrathermics circuit breaker is now fitted to most diving control systems around the world.

The totally enclosed design offers full protection to the surface operator from unintentional contact whilst also shielding them from the visual arc spark during the breaking of the circuit. The single switching action breaks both poles of supply thereby rendering the cutting / welding equipment safe.

The Ultrathermics circuit breaker is a two pole, 630 amp AC or DC circuit breaker for direct surface control of underwater cutting and welding operations.

Ultrathermics circuit breaker

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Item Order Code
Ultrathermics 630 circuit breaker 630 AMP UL148
Ultrathermics 400 circuit breaker 400 AMP UL149
Ultrathermics 250 circuit breaker 250 AMP UL150



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Datasheet Ultrathermics circuit breaker

UL-MDS-676 R0

Drawing Circuit breaker 630A UL148S1 R0
Drawing Circuit breaker 400A UL149S1 R0