Totally enclosed lifting bags

Totally enclosed lifting bags offer an invaluable method of reducing vessel draught in limited depth.

In situations where insufficient depth of water precludes the deployment of parachute-type lifting bags above the object which requires raising, cylindrical, totally enclosed lifting bags provide an effective alternative.

The totally enclosed lifting bag can be secured closely to the article or shackled to straps passed underneath it, and offer an invaluable method of reducing the draught of vessels when launching, slipping or manoeuvring them in limited depth.

Totally enclosed lifting bags Totally enclosed lifting bags

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Item Description
Material Heavy weight fabric with high tenacity polyester coated with PVC
Tensile strength 760kg per 5cm strip warp and weft
Tear strength 120kg warp and weft
Webbing straps Polyester, 50mm width
Tensile strength

5,000kg and 10,000kg

Anchor point Steel shackle of up to 5 ton safe working load, or as consistent with bag strength
Valving 3/4" inlet valve made of brass with quick release coupling. High volume (2,265 litres / minute) air pressure relief valve set at 0.14kg/cm2w
Design and function Totally enclosed for ease of handling, bags of this range are favoured by many to combine lifting capabilities with long towing operations, pipe and cables
Quality certifications  
Quality certifications
  • EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Number GB93 / 1901
  • CE Registration Reference 415 / 01D016
Additional premier range quality certifications
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with IMCAD016, Rev 2 Guidelines
Item Order code
Totally enclosed lifting bag 100kg TL013
Totally enclosed lifting bag 250kg TL014
Totally enclosed lifting bag 500kg TL015
Totally enclosed lifting bag 1,000kg TL016
Totally enclosed lifting bag 2,000kg TL017
Totally enclosed lifting bag 3,000kg TL018
Totally enclosed lifting bag 5,000kg TL019
Totally enclosed lifting bag 10,000kg TL020
Totally enclosed lifting bag 20,000kg TL021
Totally enclosed lifting bag 35,000kg TL027



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 Datasheet Totally enclosed lifting bags

TL-MDS-681 R0