Ultraflow 501

The high performing Ultraflow 501 regulator ensures gas flow meets demand within the HSE / NPD Guidelines for breathing performance down to depths of 450msw.

The Ultraflow bandmask and helmet incorporates the Divex designed Ultraflow 501 balanced demand regulator onto a Kirby Morgan base unit.

The balanced demand regulator incorporates a specially designed and unique seat material that is robust, self-compensating and avoids 'stiction', thereby enabling the valve to smoothly unseat at the start of inhalation.

A retrofittable kit is also available allowing upgrade of client owned helmets to Ultraflow 501 standard.

Ultraflow 501 Ultraflow 501 Ultraflow 501

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Diving depth MSW

Surface supply pressure (Bar)
300ft umbilical

Surface supply pressure (Bar)
600ft umbilical
10 10 10
20 10 10
30 10 10
40 11 12



Item Order code
Ultraflow 501 18B bandmask A10330
Ultraflow 501 17B helmet A10320
Ultraflow 501 17C helmet A10350



Type Document Download
Datasheet Ultraflow 501 bandmask and helmet

DE-MDS-595 R0

Drawing Ultraflow 501 demand regulator general arrangement

P18843S1 R2

Manual Ultraflow 501 17C helmet operation and maintenance (Part number: A10350) OM136

P1884-OM-388 R4

Manual Ultraflow 501 18B bandmask operation and maintenance (Part number: A10330) OM157

P1884-OM-316 R3

Manual Ultraflow 501 17B helmet operation and maintenance (Part number: A10320) OM063

P1884-OM-402 R4




The Ultraflow 501 maintenance course ensures confidence for technicians conducting function servicing and adjustments on the demand valve.

Course duration: 1 day

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