Trains, planes and submarines

Case study 5 - body image.jpgContinuing their already strong relationship with the Royal Swedish Navy, JFD have secured a contract to deliver a "life-time extension" of the Swedish submarine rescue vehicle, URF.

The program includes a full refit of the vehicle, upgrade and refurbishment of onboard systems, and the design, build and integration of a number of performance enhancements. The work will be carried out at JFD's Headquarters in Renfrew where office-space has expanded to accommodate the URF Project Team.

The works are scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2012. JFD's main subcontractor, and partner, for the works is SAAB Underwater Systems.

In June 2011, JFD's 16-man URF inspection team were whisked from Glasgow International direct to Karlskrona, Sweden on a private charter flight.