Technip 24 man saturation system

Case study 16 - body image.jpgTechnip a world leading company in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, has awarded Divex the contract to design, build and commission a saturation diving system to Technip’s specification onboard one of its newbuild vessels.

The system, which comprises of six living chambers and a 15-metre long Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) unit, form part of the Technip 24-man saturation diving system (SDS) project which has arrived at Inchinnan, near Glasgow, for outfitting.

This is the first major project for the 30,000 sq ft facility, shared between James Fisher Defence and Divex, which opened earlier this year.

Components of the SDS were manufactured globally before being shipped to Inchinnan, where staff from Divex and JFD will assemble and fit out the 24-person chamber complex. The system includes the provision of approximately 120 system gas panels and two diving bells rated to a depth of 350 metres.

This state-of-the-art, fully automated dive system weighing in at 650 tonnes, will allow divers to live at working depth without decompressing between deep-sea dives, for increased periods during extended subsea construction projects.