Safety first for deep sea divers

Case study 21 - body image.jpgJFD has landed an exclusive partnership deal with Flash Tekk Engineering in Singapore to develop a new advanced range of Self-Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHLs) for the commercial diving market.

The contract will see JFD in charge of the design and manufacture of up to eight SPHLs which will form part of the saturation diving system on a new fleet of Red-Class diving support vessels (DVS) being built by Flash Tekk which is sub-contracted by Ultra Deep Solutions.

JFD’s Divex branded hyperbarics and chamber design will be installed inside a lifeboat designed by Vanguard Composite Engineering Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, with Vanguard supplying the launch and recovery systems too. The larger SPHLs will allow up to 24 divers at a time to be transferred to a pressurised chamber (rated up to 300m water depth) inside one of the lifeboats and then transported with a life support crew to a safe environment to complete the decompression process.

Giovanni Corbetta, managing director at JFD says, "This significant addition to the JFD portfolio fits with our strategy to be the top provider of rescue equipment and services to commercial and defence diving markets."