Contract commitment for JFD in Australia

Case study 15 - body image.jpgAfter six years working closely with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on submarine rescue support and emergency rescue procedures, James Fisher Defence has sealed the relationship with a new long-term contract.

Previous contracts with RAN covered submarine rescue, but this new five year contract (which comes with an option to extend for another five years), along with previously awarded contracts, groups the escape and rescue side of operations to provide a single point of contact for all submarine rescue services and specialist support from JFD’s pool of expertise.

“This contract provides the Commonwealth with the reassurance that the team in Western Australia is ready to respond to a submarine in distress,” says Peter Horobin, director JFD Australia.

“It enables us to maintain the strong relationship we built with the RAN and regularly showcase our employees’ skills and the capabilities of our work,” he adds.

The extended remit includes the design and manufacture of a new Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) system (and the supply of associated apparatus) which will be outfitted in Inchinnan, Scotland, before being shipped in to service with the RAN.

JFD has also received two highly-prized commendations from RAN. The first was awarded to the company for its ‘dedicated work, commitment and support’ during the RAN’s annual submarine rescue exercise, Black Carillon which the RAN developed to closely reflect real-life situations.

The second commendation went to JFD employee, Amy Rankin, for going over and above her call of duty. Amy, who works as a pressurised submarine escape training team leader, spearheads the RAN training courses, supervising trainees and ensuring exercises are conducted safely.

Before they go to sea, the submarine crew have to practice ‘escaping’ through a 22m water column which simulates the vessel stuck on the sea bed. They must open the hatch, and make it to the surface. This shows that the RAN continues to be impressed, with the high training standards Amy and the team provide to submariners from Australia and other international navies.