Black Carillon 2011 - more success downunder

Case study 4 - body image.jpgJames Fisher Defence has returned from the west coast of Australia where they have participated in the successful exercise Black Carillon 2011, together with the Royal Australian Navy.

The exercise took place during the summer off the coast of Perth, testing and demonstrating the Australian submarine rescue capability under realistic conditions. Since 2008 JFD has provided the RAN with the Australian submarine rescue system; the James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service (JFSRS). Demonstrating submarine escape and rescue capability is a requirement of the RAN’s submarine safety program.

The exercise included transferring personnel from a bottomed submarine into the JFSRS rescue vehicle, the Glasgow-built LR5, and transferring personnel under pressure from the LR5 to the decompression chamber onboard the mothership.

Commander Submarine Force, Captain Brett Sampson, said that the completion of a complex submarine rescue scenario proves that submariners should be confident in the submarine rescue capability provided by the RAN and JFSRS.